1/16/2015 3:21:00 PM - Donna Martin,PT brings new therapy technique to Magee
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Donna Martin,PT brings new therapy technique to Magee after attending New Orleans seminar.

The New Year usually comes with resolutions to work out more and get in shape.  Sometimes these resolutions can lead to painful muscle spasms and injuries.  Donna Martin, Physical Therapist and director of Medicomp Physical Therapy Magee, attended a professional course held in New Orleans in July 2014, emphasizing a new manual therapy technique called ISTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) to address these issues including myofascial pain, which can result in the body's formation of deep scar tissue in response to inflammation.  IASTM uses tools, like those pictured, to help release painful trigger points and muscle spasms, breaking down the harmful tissue associated with myofascial tightness.  Following the IASTM course completion, Donna then trained her staff at Medicomp Magee, David Holbrook PT, Josh Duckworth DPT, and Cheyenne Barnard PTA, on the implementation of these tools to help further enhance the manual skills they have already been using with patients.

Mike Keith is an example of a patient receiving IASTM.  His therapist, David Holbrook, has been using this technique to help his symptoms of hamstring tightness and pain.  Mike is very active both in the community and at work, and is already seeing results since beginning treatment.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of lingering deep muscle pain and tightness should consider physical therapy as a way to treat it.  All you need is a prescription for physical therapy from a doctor, and Donna and her staff would be happy to evaluate your needs and help get you back pain free as soon as possible,

Medicomp Physical Therapy Magee 601-849-6442
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