Due to the updating of mageenewsarchives.com our site will be down beginning Friday night at 8:00 PM until....All updates will be on twitter and Facebook until we are LIVE (can't wait)

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Black out!  -   1/30/2015 3:33:00 PM
by MageeNews
It's coming Friday night that's right-we are "blacking out" mageenewsarchives.com beginning at 8:00 PM!!!!!!!!! Yes, we must "black out" as we migrate the new site into the old site's place.  Now, I know this doesn't make a lot of sense...but then I don't understand!  I just  do what Ch...

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1/30/2015 - Black out!
posted under - Message from the Prez

1/30/2015 - Vickie Joyce Harkey, 49 of Magee,
posted under - Obituaries

1/30/2015 - Special School Board Meeting
posted under - County News

 "Deflate-gate" Do you believe the New England Patriots had a "hand" in this controversy?

Who cares!!!

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